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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#15 Reactive-FieldTrip bug: No redraws None defect conal assigned 11/23/08
#19 Wrong dependencies for FieldTrip None defect new 03/08/09
#11 Tessalation very visible component1 defect somebody new 11/14/08
#12 Assigning Materials/colors to 2d geometries None defect new 11/22/08
#13 Start up time when using complex shape is pretty high None defect new 11/22/08
#17 FieldTrip 0.2.2 fails to compile: Not in scope: type constructor or class `AVector' None defect new 01/21/09
#18 no examples/ exists None defect new 02/13/09
#21 FieldTrip doesn't build with OpenGL None defect new 10/10/09
#1 Improve automatic tessellation component1 enhancement somebody new 11/07/08
#7 Provide concrete & familiar names for mempty & mappend component1 enhancement somebody new 11/12/08
#14 Load 2d images, 3d models None enhancement new 11/22/08
#16 Incorporate Lighting None enhancement conal new 12/11/08
#20 Cannot compile (possibly due to incorrect dependencies?) None defect new 05/11/09
#2 Replace Graphics.FieldTrip.Color with Data.Colour. component1 enhancement somebody new 11/10/08
#4 Rotation Axis should be Normal3 component1 defect somebody new 11/11/08
#3 Remove origins component1 enhancement somebody new 11/11/08
#5 Simplify Rotation Axis component1 enhancement somebody new 11/11/08
#6 Remove origin and standard axis biases in Transformations component1 enhancement somebody new 11/11/08
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