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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#18 unification monad core task somebody new 07/22/09
#43 support subsumption with unification variables in relations core enhancement new 12/09/09
#21 simple indexing mechanism core enhancement somebody new 07/28/09
#41 separate trash pile for last operation performed gui enhancement new 12/09/09
#10 root feature in main window gui enhancement somebody new 07/02/09
#49 results out of order when pre-terminals have more than one terminal core defect new 01/04/10
#2 replace automaton code with HaLeX? core enhancement somebody new 01/18/09
#16 possible polarity filtering bug core defect somebody new 07/03/09
#27 polarity precompilation [old tracker] core enhancement somebody new 09/08/09
#7 percolate features during morphological realisation core defect kowey assigned 03/31/09
#17 outsource to graphviz library core task somebody new 07/18/09
#28 output to 3rd party morphological generator should include variables core task somebody new 09/11/09
#22 move NLP.GenI.Console regression testing code to test module core task somebody new 09/04/09
#24 lexical selection factorisation [old todo list] core task somebody new 09/08/09
#25 keep track of sets of adjunctions into the same node [old tracker] core enhancement somebody new 09/08/09
#35 jsonify stupidmorph and tomorph core task kowey assigned 09/25/09
#34 include GenI version in manual core task somebody new 09/25/09
#12 graphviz gets confused by multi-word lexical items gui defect somebody new 07/02/09
#40 geni: Prelude.foldr1: empty list core defect new 12/07/09
#15 feeding non-existent test case to GenI causes it to say bug in GenI core defect somebody new 07/03/09
#38 empty strings should be quoted when producing geni output core defect new 10/10/09
#44 elementary tree semantics should be unification of tree schema and lemma semantics core enhancement new 12/09/09
#14 don't use root feature filtering if it's not specified core enhancement somebody new 07/03/09
#36 document basic flags in manual doc defect new 09/25/09
#48 display number of results found in GUI and console mode... gui enhancement new 12/28/09
#6 disjunctions of paraphrase selectors gui enhancement somebody new 03/19/09
#1 bracketed output (new command line argument) gui enhancement somebody new 01/17/09
#51 avoid crashing if ViewTAG not found gui defect new 07/28/11
#8 alternative syntax for anchor (or other) features? generalisation of morphinfo gui enhancement somebody new 03/31/09
#26 RND: plugging GenI into a systemic grammar based generator [old tracker] core task somebody new 09/08/09
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