and .


14:12 Ticket #13 (remove now defunct f-root optimisation flg) closed by kowey
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18:47 Ticket #21 (simple indexing mechanism) created by kowey
This should reduce generation time somewhat. It occurred to me that …
10:38 Ticket #20 (unification bug) closed by kowey
07:36 Ticket #20 (unification bug) created by kowey
The code[…]


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no need to install wx by hand; cabal can take care of that (diff)
11:18 Ticket #19 (consider BSD license for GenI) created by kowey
I'll have to see what Carlos thinks about it.
11:16 Ticket #18 (unification monad) created by kowey
OK, it doesn't have to be a monad. But I want to have some sort of …


16:16 Ticket #17 (outsource to graphviz library) created by kowey
Note the graphviz is licensed under the EPL (sigh!) so we would have to …


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12:30 Ticket #16 (possible polarity filtering bug) created by kowey
11:38 Ticket #15 (feeding non-existent test case to GenI causes it to say bug in GenI) created by kowey
11:33 Ticket #14 (don't use root feature filtering if it's not specified) created by kowey
11:19 Ticket #13 (remove now defunct f-root optimisation flg) created by kowey
The "optimisation" is a now baked-in (probably always was)


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simplify instructions: wx 0.11 only and wxWidgets 2.8 (diff)
17:24 Ticket #12 (graphviz gets confused by multi-word lexical items) created by kowey
17:24 Ticket #11 (scrollbar not working in realisations summary) created by kowey
MacOSX wxWidgets 2.8.10, wxHaskell 0.11.x
17:22 Ticket #10 (root feature in main window) created by kowey
And not just in configuration window... My idea for how this should …
17:22 Ticket #9 (command line arguments in MacOS X) created by kowey
Right now in Leopard, I have to run geni with open geni.app, which means …
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