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haskell platform (diff)
10:21 Ticket #32 (listing of items seems incorrect in debugger) closed by kowey


16:23 Ticket #33 (remove default root feature) created by kowey
Make it a required flag/input instead


12:28 Ticket #32 (listing of items seems incorrect in debugger) created by kowey
I could have sworn I kept seeing something like this happen. See geni …
12:06 Ticket #31 (prependToSubst: Eric broke unification. Prepending K-t-73 twice) created by kowey
Yikes! geni: Bug in GenI! prependToSubst: Eric broke unification. …


12:31 Ticket #30 (break geni morphological realiser out of the geni executable) created by kowey
Make it really a separate program
12:29 Ticket #29 (geniserver should be able to output morph features) created by kowey
Right now you can only do morphological realisation on the server …
12:25 Ticket #28 (output to 3rd party morphological generator should include variables) created by kowey
This is just a TODO. Check the source code to see if GenI will output …


21:18 Ticket #27 (polarity precompilation [old tracker]) created by kowey
What on earth did I mean by this?
21:17 Ticket #26 (RND: plugging GenI into a systemic grammar based generator [old tracker]) created by kowey
The idea is for the SFG based system to generate inputs to GenI
21:16 Ticket #25 (keep track of sets of adjunctions into the same node [old tracker]) created by kowey
This could be a form of packing where we try to store adjunctions into the …
21:13 Ticket #24 (lexical selection factorisation [old todo list]) created by kowey
I don't understand what this is about :-(
21:12 Ticket #23 (JSON format where possible) created by kowey
The lexicon and test suite have no business using a custom ad-hoc format. …
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copied from loria wiki
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add publications link and list of people (diff)
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oops (diff)
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screenshots (diff)
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wibble (diff)
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first screenshot (diff)


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moved from front page
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cut page down a bit (diff)


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wxgtk on ubuntu (diff)
12:49 Ticket #22 (move NLP.GenI.Console regression testing code to test module) created by kowey
Hmm, now I have a better idea about the argument for separating test logic …
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