and .


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yay, mystery solved! (diff)
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14:24 Ticket #39 (geni accepts malformed rootfeat) created by kowey
The square brackets should either be optional, or mandatory but enforced. …
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one more error (diff)


10:50 Ticket #38 (empty strings should be quoted when producing geni output) created by kowey
Should be (""), was () This affects geniconvert on the surface, but …


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20:01 Installation edited by kowey
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add a link to tools page (diff)


09:31 Milestone GenI 0.20 completed
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sorry, the install script is a false convenience and a maintenance … (diff)
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no need to cabal install cabal-install with the Haskell Platform (diff)
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tweak (diff)
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use devel wxHaskell, simpler wxWidgets instructions (diff)
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no extra step needed for MacOS X anymore, yay! (diff)
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latest release is 0.20 (diff)


16:59 Ticket #23 (JSON format where possible) closed by kowey
wontfix: Wontfix this. JSON is pretty useless for anything other than machine …
16:58 Ticket #5 (RND: what should a language for geniserver and client look like?) closed by kowey
fixed: The answer is JSON.
16:53 Ticket #29 (geniserver should be able to output morph features) closed by kowey
fixed: Fixed with JSONification and API cleanup.
16:15 Ticket #4 (support and require UTF-8 input/output) closed by kowey
fixed: Input is UTF-8. Output should be locale-dependent as of GHC 6.12


16:39 Ticket #31 (prependToSubst: Eric broke unification. Prepending K-t-73 twice) closed by kowey
fixed: Resolved by: Fri Sep 25 17:16:00 CEST 2009 Eric Kow …
13:26 Ticket #37 (no conditional compilation in geni library!) closed by kowey
fixed: That... wasn't too hard.
13:05 Ticket #37 (no conditional compilation in geni library!) created by kowey
Right now you have to cabal clean if you switch back and forth between the …
11:44 Ticket #36 (document basic flags in manual) created by kowey
11:38 Ticket #35 (jsonify stupidmorph and tomorph) created by kowey
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11:20 Ticket #34 (include GenI version in manual) created by kowey
Now that we have geni --version, this should be easy enough…
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add link to manual (diff)


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21:07 Ticket #30 (break geni morphological realiser out of the geni executable) closed by kowey
fixed: Now called sillymorph.
21:06 Ticket #9 (command line arguments in MacOS X) closed by kowey
fixed: Fixed with my work to build an app bundle from Setup.hs
21:06 Ticket #3 (clarify use of the internal morphological generator) closed by kowey
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