and .


14:29 Ticket #47 (scrollbar broken in results tab (summary) on MacOS X) closed by kowey
14:29 Ticket #11 (scrollbar not working in realisations summary) closed by kowey


18:11 Ticket #48 (display number of results found in GUI and console mode...) created by kowey
Both unique and overall.
18:10 Ticket #47 (scrollbar broken in results tab (summary) on MacOS X) created by kowey
Probably a wxHaskell issue :-(
02:07 Ticket #46 (mismatch between order of items in realisations summary tab and ...) created by kowey
We need to replace our sorting strategy with something that works with …


17:41 Ticket #45 (hide GenIVal constructor) created by kowey
The point is to make it so that you can never build GConst []


16:45 WikiStart edited by kowey
16:41 Ticket #44 (elementary tree semantics should be unification of tree schema and lemma ...) created by kowey
See also #43
16:38 Ticket #43 (support subsumption with unification variables in relations) created by kowey
Not just the arguments, but the relations themselves.
15:51 WikiStart edited by kowey
14:33 Ticket #42 (remove IAF code) created by kowey
The index accessibility filtering code is not being maintained. It should …
14:32 Ticket #41 (separate trash pile for last operation performed) created by kowey
This should make it easier to figure out what GenI is doing and why.


18:17 Ticket #40 (geni: Prelude.foldr1: empty list) created by kowey
No idea why this happens.


16:56 Installation edited by kowey
no need to install wx by hand; cabal can take care of that (diff)
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