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Getting started

Run GenI

Open a terminal and run GenI like so:


You should see the following main screen:

Load some files

Now select the File menu and then Open files...

[[Image:GenI config menu.png|290px]]

The surface realiser takes three inputs: a set of trees, a lexicon and a semantic expression. Using the Browse buttons, select the following files: * examples/ej/mac (macros) * examples/ej/lexicon (lexicon) * examples/ej/suite (test suite)

[[Image:Geni config basic.png|209px]]

Now click on the button Load. GenI should now look like this:

[[Image:GenI screenshot 2.png|212px]]

Note: alternately, you could have run GenI like so: geni -m examples/ej/mac -l examples/ej/lex -s examples/ej/suite


Now click on the Generate button. What appears, maybe after some seconds of thinking is a results window. To see the output, click on the Realisations tab:

[[Image:Geni realisations.png|245px]]

You should see a small number of sentences on the left. If you click on one of these sentences, its derivation and derived tree will appear on the right.

Voila! This shows you roughly the kind of things GenI is capable of doing. Now in the rest of the walkthrough, we'll see how the realiser responds to a different input semantics and grammar.

Playing with input semantics

to be completed

Other advanced stuff

to be completed

[[Image:GenI config advanced.png|209px]]

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