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make people get the stable GenI

GenI realiser

Installing without GUI

  1. Install GHC 6.8.x binary from GHC site (also known to work with GHC 6.10.1)
  2. Install cabal-install
  3. cabal update
  4. cabal install cabal-install
  5. cabal install GenI --flags="-gui"
  6. make sure ${HOME}/.cabal/bin is in your path
  7. make sure it works
    1. geni --unit-test
    2. geni -m examples/ej/macros -l examples/ej/lexicon -s examples/ej/suite
    3. geni --help for more details

Installing with GUI

  1. Please make sure you can install GenI without the GUI first.
    • If you do not succeed at installing without the GUI, stop and ask for help!
    • Doing so will help us to refine our install instructions, and most importantly save you a lot of time!
  2. Install wxWidgets 2.6 and graphviz
    • Note - either use
      • wxWidgets 2.6 with wxhaskell 0.10.3 OR
      • wxWidgets 2.8 with wxhaskell 0.11
  3. Install wxcore and wx 0.10.3 by hand
  4. cabal install GenI --flags=gui
  5. On MacOS X:
    • cd ~/.cabal/bin; macosx-app geni
    • make sure ${HOME}/.cabal/bin/ is in your path, before ${HOME}/.cabal/bin
    • Contact us on the MailingList? if you need extra help.

Bleeding-edge GenI

Note that this uses the hashed repository format, which requires a darcs 2 client.

darcs get --lazy

The instructions are the same as above, except that instead of invoking cabal install GenI, you invoke cd GenI; cabal install passing in the relevant flags.