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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#442 Add more primitive producers new enhancement major 0.5 Primitives
#443 Add zipping and merging components new enhancement major 0.5 Combinators
#444 The followedBy combinator needs to know about region ends new defect major Combinators
#446 The merge function does not seem to run its argument coroutines in parallel new defect minor Monad.Coroutine
#447 Add block-level IO new enhancement major Primitives
#448 Try the finally tagless approach for shell new enhancement major Shell
#449 Try inverting the producer/consumer arguments to seesawNested in pipeG new task major Streams
#450 The substring and parseSubstring primitives could be made more bulky new task minor Combinators
#451 Add pattern-matching component type, its primitives and combinators new enhancement major Combinators
#452 Add support for time-tagged items new enhancement minor Combinators
#453 Add QuickCheck testsuite for monad-coroutine new task major Monad.Coroutine
#454 Use Criterion for benchmarking new defect major Monad.Parallel
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