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04:52 Ticket #456 (Add MonadParallel instances for other base library monads) created by blamario
ReadP and ReadPrec should be parallelizable, as well as ((->) r) and …
04:47 Ticket #455 (Add a Functor instance for Coroutine s m) created by blamario


03:35 Ticket #454 (Use Criterion for benchmarking) created by blamario
Add a Criterion benchmark suite for evaluating the speed of …
03:28 Ticket #453 (Add QuickCheck testsuite for monad-coroutine) created by blamario
The current test for monad-coroutine are not very thorough, and they are …


18:17 coroutine-iteratee created by blamario
Preparing the coroutine-iteratee package
17:54 coroutine-enumerator created by blamario
From the coroutine-enumerator package announcement message
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03:22 Ticket #452 (Add support for time-tagged items) created by blamario
Streams allow more things to be done when each of them items carries a …
03:16 Ticket #451 (Add pattern-matching component type, its primitives and combinators) created by blamario
Splitters are not really the best choice for pattern-matching components. …


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