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From the coroutine-enumerator package announcement message


The coroutine-enumerator package can be used as a bridge between the enumerator and monad-coroutine packages. It provides two-way conversion functions between an Iteratee and an Await-suspending coroutine, and also between an Enumerator and a Yield-suspending coroutine.

As a little example, the following program combines the http-enumerator, monad-coroutine, and SCC packages using the coroutine-enumerator package to print out all lines from the Hackage database containing substring "enumerator":

import Control.Exception.Base (SomeException)
import Control.Monad.Trans.Class (lift)

import Data.ByteString (ByteString)
import Data.Text.Encoding (decodeUtf8)

import Network.HTTP.Enumerator

import Control.Monad.Coroutine
import Control.Monad.Coroutine.SuspensionFunctors
import Control.Monad.Coroutine.Nested
import Control.Monad.Coroutine.Enumerator

import Control.Concurrent.SCC.Sequential

main = httpRedirect (\_ _-> coroutineIteratee consumer) =<< parseUrl address

address = ""

consumer :: Coroutine (Await [ByteString]) IO (Either SomeException ((), [ByteString]))
consumer = pipe translator (consume worker) >> return (Right ((), []))

translator :: Functor f => Sink IO (EitherFunctor (Await [a]) f) a -> Coroutine (EitherFunctor (Await [a]) f) IO ()
translator sink = do chunks <- liftParent await
                     if null chunks
                        then lift (putStrLn "END")
                        else putList chunks sink >> translator sink
worker :: Consumer IO ByteString ()
worker = toChars >-> foreach (line `having` substring "enumerator")
                             (append (fromList "\n") >-> toStdOut)

toChars :: Monad m => Transducer m ByteString Char
toChars = oneToOneTransducer decodeUtf8 >-> coerce

Alternatively, the worker coroutine can parse the XML database and print out all elements whose any attribute value contains the substring "enumerator":

worker = toChars
         >-> parseXMLTokens 
         >-> foreach (xmlElementHavingTagWith (xmlAttributeValue `having` substring "enumerator")
                      `nestedIn` xmlElementContent)
                     (coerce >-> toStdOut)