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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#31 Stack Space Overflow ThreadScope ThreadScope 0.2.0 None defect new 09/20/13
#29 Enhance handling of large eventlogs ThreadScope None enhancement new 11/12/12
#28 Graphs not redrawn on reload ThreadScope None defect new 11/12/12
#26 ThreadScope shows garbled characters when using Unicode characters in user event ThreadScope None defect new 04/16/12
#24 Print big times using large time units to avoid too long labels ThreadScope None defect new 03/24/12
#19 Improve usability, especially the UI, based on use cases ThreadScope None enhancement new 12/21/11
#17 Toggling event labels does not resize canvas ThreadScope None defect new 12/12/11
#16 Redesign the UI using the general visual communication principles ThreadScope None enhancement new 12/05/11
#15 not enough space in left panel for trace expansion? ThreadScope None defect new 11/30/11
#10 include spark sizes etc in ch8 test ThreadScope None enhancement new 11/25/11
#8 malloc: pointer being freed was not allocated ThreadScope ThreadScope 0.2.0 None defect new 11/18/11
#6 Threadscope fails to read partially written file ThreadScope ThreadScope 0.2.0 None enhancement maintainer assigned 10/09/11
#5 Regression: spark pool graph rendered wrongly when scrolling ThreadScope None defect new 09/13/11
#4 PDFs saved on Mac have a blue background component1 defect somebody new 09/08/11
#1 segfault when opening an eventlog ThreadScope defect somebody new 09/06/11
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