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The Ultimate Supplement in Brain Nutrition

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Where brain researchers are placing their bets on match today the world's top magician has ball are making the mysteries behind our most powerful work in disappear sock over Heights where ice or go over the illusionists reveal their secrets emotions orderly I giving us being so I'm to how our brain pays attention this would be a major contribution to science from magicians also a magnetic wand I'll that was ADDIUM nice they can control your body oh wow Angeles teach cute 25 you can turn a part of the brain up are down or temporarily turn it off good even change the way you think is a remarkable thing that one can put something over somebody's head in modify the way they behave grant I've met some professors were tough on their students but this one gets the frost your dropped from a hundred and fifty foot tall tower in free fall backwards this brain researcher isn't afraid to go to extremes to solve one of the biggest possums signs brains are like fingerprints and they’re slightly different than everybody especially when some of us eat the whole other reality Acer always read and inns are green how does the brain with its hundreds of billions of neurons put together reality for us of that of this episode nope science now funding for Nova signs now is provided by the National Science Foundation for discovery speaking in and discovering you now biomedical research and find the chickens Howard Hughes medical institutions eighty.


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