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not enough space in left panel for trace expansion?

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Another possible wont-fix:

To my screen, the left panel is wide enough to display a list of traces with checkboxes. If you expand any of the trace tree and then collapse it again, the checkboxes disappear, presumably because they are too far to the right.

Only reporting this because it can be easy to expand the traces by accident if you just click on them, for example, and the checkboxes disappearing can be a little bit confusing.

Change History

Changed 6 years ago by MikolajKonarski

To reproduce that I need to make the trace selection pane narrower, so that the tickboxes are partially obsbured. Then, after expanding and collapsing things, the tickboxes get moved to the right a bit and are no longer visible (until I widen the window again). This is certainly an inconsistent behaviour and should be fixed, especially if on some machines it occurs without resizing panes.

Changed 6 years ago by MikolajKonarski

I have a question. Duncan proposed to enable scrollbars to solve the issue. But for me the scrollbars already get enabled as soon as the window is too small. Is it the same for you? Can you get back your tickboxes using the scrollbar?

Changed 6 years ago by MikolajKonarski

I played a bit with glade and with the trace tree code and I think the problem is that the TreeView? assumes for the subtree labels the same maximal width as for the main labels, while in our case the subtree labels are very short. Consequently, when the subtrees are shown it reserves too much space for them and pushes the tickboxes too far to the right. I couldn't find a way to hack around this behaviour, so I only shortened the longest main label. Please let me know if it helps. If not, perhaps we should widen the pane a little bit, change or fix fonts or shorten a few more labels.

Changed 6 years ago by kowey

It helps. Now I can see half a checkbox if I toggle. The user will have to widen the pane but it's not worth tweaking beyond that IMHO. Just ensuring they stay visible is the important bit

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