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Change the colour of labels drawn over dark green (e.g., thread numbers)

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15:33 < JaffaCake> dcoutts_: can we get that dark green changed? it's hard to read the thread numbers
15:35 < dcoutts_> oh, that's an interesting point
15:35 < dcoutts_> we might want to invert the colour for labels drawn over the run colour
15:35 < dcoutts_> when it's dark
15:36 < dcoutts_> mikolaj: we should try drawing thread numbers in white
15:37 < dcoutts_> or keep them black but move them above/below the main run trace
15:37 < dcoutts_> JaffaCake: once we draw thread names rather than numbers (when available) we might
                  want to do it differently anyway
15:38 < dcoutts_> since labels will take more space

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Changed 5 years ago by MikolajKonarski

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Similarly, the dashed lines in the activity graph should be inverted from black to white, when drawn over a dark background, or perhaps, to make it work over varied background, draw it in black, surrounded by white. Similarly labels?

Changed 5 years ago by MikolajKonarski

  • priority changed from minor to major

16:34 < mikolaj> dcoutts_: which trace is it? the Activity or HEC or instant events?
16:34 < dcoutts_> mikolaj: I guess it applies wherever we have a dark background
16:35 < dcoutts_> with text on top
16:35 < dcoutts_> should make sure there is good contrast
16:35 < dcoutts_> so if it's dark background, need light colour text

Changed 5 years ago by MikolajKonarski

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Fixed in devel version (not for the dashed lines). To be released soon.

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