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The game friend it is not

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The game friend it is not you stop forgeries thats unrealistic and naive gold what is make it increasingly more difficult I think at the end of the day average forger the -year-old in Ohio is bedroom making forgeries input on the web tables we will win that game there's no doubt about it but if I wanted to play the other side I will always be able to beat the authentication game I'll be able to prefix fact that you want to the perfect I'm welcome home home in an alpha fuel xt election people might disagree about who makes the best candidate you don't hear much argument on the merits of democracy that millions have average people can together make a wise decision was in a way some early th century this controversial Englishman Sir Francis Gong try to statistically test with the mob's a common folk were capable choosing well and as a musical correspondent Rob Moore spurt over with Sir Francis actually found was that mathematically this often was crap Sir Francis Galton with a No ants home com masses got votes and governance should be left to hire classes prove with all the data from a contract inescapable guessing even simple things commoners were in K lie done getting one step right up what kind of contest might .

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