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    6262This is quite convoluted: total words copied during parallel GCs divided 
    6363by the average over all parallel GCs of maximal number of words copied 
    64 by any thread in a single par GC.Revents needed: the events added above suffice, 
     64by any thread in a single par GC. Events needed: the events added above suffice, 
    6565but quite a bit of extra state will have to be maintained when reading 
    6666the events. Perhaps +RTS -s could be modified to make this figure simpler? 
    9090events for that (we calculate this using the SparkCounters events,  
    9191but we could also use the precise per-spark events). 
     95  INIT    time    0.00s  (  0.00s elapsed) 
     96  MUT     time    0.42s  (  0.41s elapsed) 
     97  GC      time    0.29s  (  0.13s elapsed) 
     98  EXIT    time    0.00s  (  0.00s elapsed) 
     99  Total   time    0.71s  (  0.55s elapsed) 
     102(Note that there may be more positions here, e.g., for profiling.) 
     103We can sum up the times from GC events. For other stats, we'd need the MUT 
     104figure, but it's not obvious if we manage to get it from all the thread (task) 
     105events that we have and will add above. It's also not clear if adding events 
     106needed to get the other times is worth it. After all the other events 
     107are added, let's see if we can get any more of these summary times, 
     108perhaps by adding a minor event emitted just once. Note that the INIT time is 
     109necessary for the Productivity figure below (it does not count as "productive 
     110time" in +RTS -s).. 
     113%GC time      89.5%  (75.3% elapsed) 
     116Ask JaffaCake why this line is in the docs, but not in the output 
     117of +RTS -s I've got. 
     120  Alloc rate    564,074,971 bytes per MUT second 
     123The events added above should suffice, except that we use elapsed time, 
     124not CPU time. 
     127  Productivity  59.0% of total user, 76.6% of total elapsed 
     130The events added above should be enough. Again. we only do the elapsed case.