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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#44 webcams gratis y videochat porno Accelerate language defect chicawebcam new 01/28/16
#38 Create user defined data sturcture as instance of Elem Accelerate language enhancement chak new 12/07/10
#32 OpenCL Backend Accelerate language feature request chak new 08/23/10
#37 Support for "combining" operators Accelerate language feature request chak new 09/13/10
#40 liftAcc in CUDA.Execute doesn't handle Let and Let2 Accelerate language missing functionality tmcdonell new 12/21/10
#8 Sharing is lost Accelerate language 0.9 release missing functionality chak assigned 07/18/10
#41 Comprehensive support for standard Haskell classes and numeric conversions Accelerate language 0.9 release missing functionality chak new 12/21/10
#42 FFI support to interface with existing CUDA code Accelerate language defect chak new 12/21/10
#2 No Bool and Char arrays with the CUDA backend CUDA backend defect chak new 07/18/10
#18 Permute does not properly write-combine results CUDA backend defect new 07/24/10
#39 ./Data/Array/Accelerate/CUDA.hs:48 (unhandled): CUDA Exception: invalid argument CUDA backend defect tmcdonell new 12/14/10
#34 CUDA backend does not support 'stencil' CUDA backend 0.9 release missing functionality tmcdonell new 08/28/10
#3 Unhelpful error when using Double on pre-1.3 CUDA devices CUDA backend defect None new 07/18/10
#26 Internal error in filter test with criterion CUDA backend defect tmcdonell assigned 08/18/10
#28 reduced performance of small types CUDA backend defect new 08/22/10
#36 scan operations hang indefinitely on devices with Compute Capability 1.0 CUDA backend defect new 09/11/10
#31 support concurrent kernel execution on Fermi architectures CUDA backend enhancement new 08/23/10
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