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./Data/Array/Accelerate/CUDA.hs:48 (unhandled): CUDA Exception: invalid argument

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I was trying to build/use the current accelerate version, and run into some problems.

I am using ghc-6.12.3 on Linux 2.6.32-bpo.5-amd64 (debian 5.0.6) with cudatoolkit_3.2.16_linux_64_ubuntu10.04 and gcc-4.5.1 and my hardware is GTX295

* cabal install accelerate is trying to build accelerate- and it starts with building the dependency cuda-0.2.2 which fails with

c2hs: Errors during expansion of binding hooks:

./Foreign/CUDA/Driver/Context.chs:76: (column 15) [ERROR]  >>> Unknown identifier!
  Cannot find a definition for `cuCtxCreate' in the header file.

* cabal install cuda builds cuda-0.3.2 and the installation runs through.

* cabal unpack accelerate and manually remove the "cuda < 0.3" dependency then cabal install runs through.

* cd accelerate- ; make ; ./test looks OK

* cd accelerate- ; ghc --make rasterize

[1 of 2] Compiling RasterizeAcc     ( RasterizeAcc.hs, RasterizeAcc.o )

    Not in scope: type constructor or class `NFData'

I manually add "import Control.DeepSeq?" to RasterizeAcc?.hs then "ghc --make" succeeds

./rasterize prints 4 * Haskell (pass), 4 * (Accelerate interpreted) pass

So I figure this isn't using cuda at all. I change Data.Array.Accelerate.Interpreter to Data.Array.Accelerate.CUDA in both RasterizeAcc?.hs and rasterize.hs

Then "ghc --make rasterize" is OK, but running ./rasterize gives

rasterize-test1.txt (Haskell) - pass
rasterize-test2.txt (Haskell) - pass
rasterize-test3.txt (Haskell) - pass
rasterize-test4.txt (Haskell) - pass
*** Internal error in package accelerate ***
*** Please submit a bug report at http://trac.haskell.org/accelerate
./Data/Array/Accelerate/CUDA.hs:48 (unhandled): CUDA Exception: invalid argument

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