and .


21:42 Ticket #19 (Another Int Bug) created by dom
If we ever get something with more than 2^31 - 1 octets, this will …
21:39 Ticket #18 (Int Bug) created by dom
You've changed […]
21:36 Ticket #17 (Replace comments with "case of os") created by dom
We can check these dynamically using "case of os". The thing that does …
21:31 Ticket #16 (Update ReadMe with where encodings are not specified e.g. outside a range) created by dom
21:30 Ticket #15 (Are we canonical?) created by dom
21:28 Ticket #14 (Test with invalid frag sizes for decoding) created by dom
08:36 Ticket #13 (Type checker infers Lattice (m LatConstraint) as well as Monad m) created by dom
Although there is an instance defined for "lifted" constraints ("lifted" …


11:03 Ticket #12 (Type inlcusion for known multiplier types) created by dom
11:02 Ticket #11 (Ints need to be changed to Integer) created by dom
But what about minBound and maxBound and semi-constrained INTEGER?


14:02 Ticket #10 (Does ReferencedType need to be removed?) created by dom
09:35 Ticket #9 (Visibility for Contained Subtypes) created by dom
Is this correct? Or is visibility for contained subtypes handle somewhere …
07:28 Ticket #8 (Test with invalid frag sizes for decoding) created by dom
As it says but the error message isn't very helpful and should be …
07:27 Ticket #7 (Use of quot and rem) created by dom
Mostly we use div and mod so this may be a bug.
07:26 Ticket #6 (Use smallcheck) created by dom
07:22 Ticket #5 (Does the representation capture all valid types?) created by dom
07:17 Ticket #4 (HUnit for Tests in e.g. Larmouth Book) created by dom
07:16 Ticket #3 (Provide Aligned Encodings) created by dom
07:13 Ticket #2 (encodeWithLengthDeterminant does't cope with zero bytes) created by dom
07:11 Ticket #1 (Common values in constraints) created by dom
"All the constraints after Type should share at least one common value …
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