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A generic interface for cryptographic operations, platform independent quality RNG, property tests and known-answer tests (KATs) for common algorithms, and a basic benchmark infrastructure.



Using crypto-api for testing is absurdly simple and particularly useful if you are implementing one of the algorithms for which NIST CAVP provides known answer tests (KATs). For example:

    import Test.SHA
    import Test.HMAC
    import Test.Crypto
    import Data.CryptoHash.SHA512
    import Data.CryptoHash.SHA384

    main = do
        t1 <- makeSHA512Tests (undefined :: SHA512)
        t2 <- makeSHA384Tests (undefined :: SHA384)        
        runTests (concat [t1,t2])

        h1 <- makeSHA512HMACTests (undefined :: SHA512)
        h2 <- makeSHA384HMACTests (undefined :: SHA384)
        runTests $ concat [h1,h2]

And the run:

    [tommd@Mavlo Test]$ ghc --make sha.hs
    [1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( sha.hs, sha.o )
    Linking sha ...
    [tommd@Mavlo Test]$ ./sha | grep True | wc -l
    [tommd@Mavlo Test]$ ./sha | grep False | wc -l