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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1 Check for partial application of functions to unboxed args. new defect minor 0.1.3
#3 Check Shape witnesses in core new enhancement minor
#4 Check for unsound erasure of type lambdas in core to sea translation new enhancement minor
#6 Check format of source pragmas. new defect minor
#8 Add a full set of unboxed casting operators. new enhancement project
#9 Disallow unboxed data being present in function closures. new defect minor 0.1.4
#11 Resurrect Core.Inline new enhancement normal 0.1.5
#12 Revisit exception mechanism new task project
#13 Share GC stack slots in Sea code new enhancement project
#14 Implement full laziness transform new enhancement project
#15 Ensure we're sharing constant values of enumeration type. new newbie normal 0.1.3
#17 Check profiling and ticky counters in runtime system and add tests new newbie normal
#18 Refactor Core.Exp to push XPrim calls into new data type new refactor minor
#19 Erase calls to prim.force on objects in direct regions during Core.Simplify new enhancement normal 0.1.4
#20 Implement the rest of the primitive types. new enhancement normal 0.1.5
#22 Mask mutability constraints on fresh data new enhancement project
#23 Mask effects on fresh data new enhancement project
#24 Allow resumption of tests in bin/war test driver new enhancement normal
#25 Investigate support for polymorphic recursion new task project
#27 Rewrite primitive functions from RTS in Disciple new refactor project
#28 When defining projections, auto-open the other fns in the projection new enhancement project
#29 Check well-formedness of bound witnesses in letregion new enhancement minor
#30 Emit a better error message when reading an empty interface file. new defect trivial
#31 Implement dictionary passing. new enhancement project
#32 Don't panic if user Control-C's GCC new enhancement minor
#34 Check inferred type against signatures. new enhancement blocker 0.1.4
#35 Allow embedded mutually recursive definitions. new enhancement project
#37 Fix closure trimming of data types containing functions. new defect normal
#38 Refactor Util.Pretty to use Data.Seq instead of Data.List new refactor minor
#40 Check for overlapping projection dictionaries during type inference new defect normal 0.1.4
#41 Refactor occurance checker to improve speed. new refactor normal 0.1.4
#44 Fix elaboration of recursive data types. new defect project
#46 Compile base libraries into .so new enhancement minor
#47 Package DDC into Cabal, and streamline install process. new task normal
#48 Make a better graphics library new task project
#49 Add monadic do expressions. new enhancement project
#50 Emit error for dangerous vars at top level. new defect normal 0.1.5
#52 Auto export class instance functions new enhancement normal 0.1.5
#54 Allow non-effectful CAFs to be recursive. new task project
#63 Mask closure terms which are constant new task project
#67 Compiler panic applying polymorphic functions to unboxed values new defect blocker 0.1.4
#68 Do kind checking during constraint generation. new defect blocker 0.1.4
#73 Bad core generated for recursive function with projections new defect blocker 0.1.3
#81 Bug in core type checker new defect blocker 0.1.3
#83 Look in data definition when checking dangerous vars new enhancement blocker 0.1.5
#85 Create large pinned memory blocks automatically new enhancement minor
#86 Use Haskell/GHC style pragma instead of a pragma keyword new newbie blocker 0.1.5
#87 Support type constraints on constructor new enhancement normal 0.1.5
#88 Allow data fields to be listed with the offside rule new enhancement normal 0.1.5
#89 Test out effect constructors with interesting kinds new task normal 0.1.5
#90 Support default instances in type class declarations. new enhancement normal 0.1.5
#145 Add a point free case expression new enhancement minor
#157 Do a more fine-grained dangerous variables check new enhancement normal 0.1.5
#160 Runtime crash with recursive bindings new defect blocker 0.1.3
#163 Elaboration of class constructors isn't respecting their kinds new defect blocker 0.1.3
#167 Missing constraints in interface files. new defect blocker 0.1.3
#168 Module exporter re-exports projections it has imported new defect blocker 0.1.3
#181 Fix display of node effects in type error messages new defect blocker 0.1.3
#185 Refactor function ddcCompile to use ddcMake new refactor minor
#186 Source.Defix.hs: Non-exhaustive patterns in lambda new newbie normal
#187 Write tests for Data,ArrayU module. new newbie normal
#188 Bad quantifier in type for "undefined" new defect blocker 0.1.3
#189 Check for missing quantifiers in type class definitions. new defect normal 0.1.3
#190 Bad parser error message new defect normal 0.1.3
#79 Kind inference checking problem for mutable tuples new -- defect blocker 0.1.4
#107 Definition order should not be important in where block assigned steggles enhancement project _|_
#108 No support for infix operator definitions new steggles enhancement project _|_
#7 Merge projection dictionaries from different modules. assigned erikd defect blocker 0.1.3
#16 Add type bindings new erikd enhancement blocker 0.1.3
#70 Implement operator sectioning new erikd enhancement project
#161 Implement let qualifiers for list comprehensions assigned erikd enhancement normal 0.1.3
#172 Lexer generates incorrect token sequence assigned erikd defect blocker 0.1.3
#173 Faliure to parse type annotations within list defintion assigned erikd defect blocker 0.1.3
#2 Check class instances against their definitions. assigned benl defect blocker 0.1.3
#155 PANIC "mergeClasses: classes have differing kinds" in my Hashtable first cut assigned benl defect blocker 0.1.3
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