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#9 Disallow unboxed data being present in function closures. defect minor Core Type Checker 0.1.2
#19 Erase calls to prim.force on objects in direct regions during Core.Simplify enhancement normal Core Transforms
#40 Check for overlapping projection dictionaries during type inference defect normal Source Parser 0.1.2
#41 Refactor occurance checker to improve speed. refactor normal Source Type Inferencer
#34 Check inferred type against signatures. enhancement blocker Source Type Inferencer
#67 Compiler panic applying polymorphic functions to unboxed values defect blocker Core Type Checker 0.1.2
#68 Do kind checking during constraint generation. defect blocker Source Type Inferencer 0.1.2
#79 Kind inference checking problem for mutable tuples -- defect blocker Source Type Inferencer 0.1.2
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