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#58 Panic in type inferencer defect blocker 0.1.2 benl
#72 Kind error with projections in recursive function -- defect blocker 0.1.2 benl
#75 Unresolved TApp during inference defect blocker 0.1.2 benl
#76 Compilation time is exponential in depth of constructor nesting task blocker benl
#77 crushProjClassT panics when there are type errors erikd defect blocker 0.1.2 benl
#82 Shape crusher isn't preserving effect and closure terms benl defect blocker 0.1.2 benl
#84 Fix postgeneralisation check. defect blocker 0.1.2 benl
#100 Output gets printed twice benl defect blocker 0.1.2 erikd@…
#152 Merge Core.Util.Pack with Type.Util.Pack benl refactor blocker 0.1.2 benl
#153 Merge Core.Util.Trim with Type.Util.Trim benl refactor blocker 0.1.2 benl
#154 Refactor TFetters to TConstrained benl refactor blocker 0.1.2 benl
#182 Fix Order4-5 example benl defect blocker benl
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