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05:21 Ticket #85 (Create large pinned memory blocks automatically) created by benl
If the allocator is asked for a chunk over a certain size, then it could …
05:20 Ticket #84 (Fix postgeneralisation check.) created by benl
Testcase is Error/Closure/LateExport[…]
05:18 Ticket #83 (Look in data definition when checking dangerous vars) created by benl
05:16 Ticket #82 (Shape crusher isn't preserving effect and closure terms) created by benl
05:14 Ticket #81 (Bug in core type checker) created by benl
With this program[…]
05:10 Ticket #80 (Allow projections to be added foreign imported unboxed types) created by benl
Desugar.Project.addProjDictFunsP tries to lookup the regular data def …
05:06 Ticket #79 (Kind inference checking problem for mutable tuples) created by benl
Added by Jared The following function fails to compile. […]
05:03 Ticket #78 (Renamer problems in data type defs) created by benl
Added by Jared The following fails to compile. […]
04:59 Ticket #77 (crushProjClassT panics when there are type errors) created by benl
Added by Jared […]
04:55 Ticket #76 (Compilation time is exponential in depth of constructor nesting) created by benl
Added by Jared. Albeit with a very small constant, so you won't notice …
04:53 Ticket #75 (Unresolved TApp during inference) created by benl
Added by Jared […]
04:50 Ticket #74 (Finish implementation of constructor classes) created by benl
Added by Jared The following function causes the compiler to …
04:47 Ticket #73 (Bad core generated for recursive function with projections) created by benl
Added by Jared This function[…]
04:39 Ticket #72 (Kind error with projections in recursive function) created by benl
Added by Jared […]
04:32 Ticket #71 (Better error message for unimplemented class functions) created by benl
Added by Jared The following function fails to compile.[…]
04:26 Ticket #70 (Implement operator sectioning) created by benl
Added by Jared. The following function fails to compile. {{{example …
04:24 Ticket #69 (Better error message when region and closure vars appear in terms) created by benl
Added by Jared: The following function fails to compile.[…]
04:22 Ticket #68 (Do kind checking during constraint generation.) created by benl
Added by Jared Compiling the following function[…]
04:20 Ticket #67 (Compiler panic applying polymorphic functions to unboxed values) created by benl
Added by Jared […]
04:18 Ticket #66 (Fix parsing and printing of Bot for effect and closures.) created by benl
In the parser demo interface file we have: […]
04:15 Ticket #65 (Parsing problems with where/irrefutable patterns) created by benl
Added by Jared. This fails[…]
04:02 Ticket #64 (Parsing problems with when/irrefutable patterns) created by benl
This code fails to parse: […]
03:43 Ticket #63 (Mask closure terms which are constant) created by benl
Probably want to implement the Shared constraint from thesis at the same …


05:54 Ticket #62 (Parsing or desugaring of field initialisers is broken) created by benl
For this code: […]
05:49 Ticket #61 (Desugaring pattern matches with guards is broken) created by benl
For this program:[…]
05:41 Ticket #60 (Matching against literal strings is broken) created by benl
With source[…]
05:34 Ticket #59 (Parsing fails when a block comment ends on an import line) created by benl
Reported by Jared The following code fails to parse:[…]
05:30 Ticket #58 (Panic in type inferencer) created by benl
Reported by Jared The following function fails to …
05:27 Ticket #57 (Don't try and make a module that doesn't include main) created by benl
Added by Jared: The easiest way to reproduce this is to compile a file …
05:24 Ticket #56 (Bad core produced from lambda abstraction) created by benl
This produces bad core. Effect args passed to foldl don't include read of …
05:18 Ticket #55 (Combine function bindings in projection dictionaries) created by benl
With this file[…]
05:09 Ticket #54 (Allow non-effectful CAFs to be recursive.) created by benl
It'd be nice to support things like: […]
05:08 Ticket #53 (Check for name shadowing in forall quantifiers.) created by benl
[…] This got broken when we …
05:07 Ticket #52 (Auto export class instance functions) created by benl
From …
05:05 Ticket #51 (Refactor representation of Effects and Closures to use Sets) created by benl
Using lists is a pain because we have to worry about duplicates, and …
05:03 Ticket #50 (Emit error for dangerous vars at top level.) created by benl
Exporting mutable data containing monomorphic type vars is not sound …
04:54 Ticket #49 (Add monadic do expressions.) created by benl
Overloading <- has been done, but what about {{{then}} …
04:52 Ticket #48 (Make a better graphics library) created by benl
The current library is hacky and dangerous. If you draw outside the window …
04:51 Ticket #47 (Package DDC into Cabal, and streamline install process.) created by benl
04:50 Ticket #46 (Compile base libraries into .so) created by benl
Don't want to statically link the whole lot into each executable.
04:48 Ticket #45 (Better error message for runtime pattern match failure) created by benl
04:17 Ticket #44 (Fix elaboration of recursive data types.) created by benl
At the moment, data type definitions to be elaborated must be in-order and …
04:16 Ticket #43 (Core.Reconstruct isn't using the PCtor defs.) created by benl
Types for data constructors are being added to vars by Desugar.toCore, and …
04:14 Ticket #42 (Support unboxed CAFs) created by benl
With this file[…]
04:09 Ticket #41 (Refactor occurance checker to improve speed.) created by benl
Doing occurance checking in Type.Util.Substitute made …
04:07 Ticket #40 (Check for overlapping projection dictionaries during type inference) created by benl
Projections should be associated with data constructors, not general …
04:02 Ticket #39 (Emit an error if modules are recursive.) created by benl
We don't handle recursive module yet, so should at least emit an …
04:00 Ticket #38 (Refactor Util.Pretty to use Data.Seq instead of Data.List) created by benl
I think uses O(n) list operations might be making trace file generation …
03:57 Ticket #37 (Fix closure trimming of data types containing functions.) created by benl
When trimming a closure term containing: […]
03:53 Ticket #36 (Give better source location info for Const/Write errors.) created by benl
Try and find the write effect / source of constness. or at least give …
03:51 Ticket #35 (Allow embedded mutually recursive definitions.) created by benl
At the moment mutual recursion is only supported at top level. Want to …
03:48 Ticket #34 (Check inferred type against signatures.) created by benl
As we add sig types to the graph, we'll get a type error if part of it …
03:42 Ticket #33 (Check for conflicting projection functions.) created by benl
In this program, the custom "name" field conflicts with the default one …
03:30 Ticket #32 (Don't panic if user Control-C's GCC) created by benl
Is there a way to detect that gcc has died this way vs by a compile …
03:27 Ticket #31 (Implement dictionary passing.) created by benl
We'll want to use the projection system to extract fns from the …
03:24 Ticket #30 (Emit a better error message when reading an empty interface file.) created by benl
If a .di file is empty for some reason, we just get DDC: reading EOF, …
03:22 Ticket #29 (Check well-formedness of bound witnesses in letregion) created by benl
The source to core translation shouldn't create malformed witnesses, but …
03:19 Ticket #28 (When defining projections, auto-open the other fns in the projection) created by benl
We should be able to access other projections of the same constructor with …
03:16 Ticket #27 (Rewrite primitive functions from RTS in Disciple) created by benl
Having custom C code for Arrays and such like is ok for starters, but want …
03:14 Ticket #26 (Improve runtime of Core.Reconstruct.) created by benl
Core.reconstruct for XLam is eating up 30% of total time when compiling …
03:10 Ticket #25 (Investigate support for polymorphic recursion) created by benl
Manage this the same was as in Haskell, by requiring an explicit type …
03:08 Ticket #24 (Allow resumption of tests in bin/war test driver) created by benl
If a test dies due to some problem we don't always want to start from …
03:00 Ticket #23 (Mask effects on fresh data) created by anonymous
In a type like […]


14:06 Ticket #22 (Mask mutability constraints on fresh data) created by benl
In a type like […]
14:03 Ticket #21 (Don't allow tab characters in string literals.) created by benl
GHC does this. It's a good idea.
14:02 Ticket #20 (Implement the rest of the primitive types.) created by benl
We're only supporting Char, String, Int32 and Float32 at the moment - but …
14:00 Ticket #19 (Erase calls to prim.force on objects in direct regions during ...) created by benl
Matching against literals generates explicit forcing in core. We want to …
13:58 Ticket #18 (Refactor Core.Exp to push XPrim calls into new data type) created by benl
Want to share data type that represents primitive functions with …
13:56 Ticket #17 (Check profiling and ticky counters in runtime system and add tests) created by benl
I haven't checked this for a while, not sure if it's still working. Need …
13:52 Ticket #16 (Add type bindings) created by benl
type Thing = ... We need this to handle a stack of simple GHC …
13:48 Ticket #15 (Ensure we're sharing constant values of enumeration type.) created by benl
Make sure we're not reallocating True, False and Unit values.
13:45 Ticket #14 (Implement full laziness transform) created by benl
This was working before but rotted in a previous refactoring of the core …
12:46 Ticket #13 (Share GC stack slots in Sea code) created by benl
We don't currently share slots on the GC shadow stack between Sea level …
12:43 Ticket #12 (Revisit exception mechanism) created by benl
We eliminated the effect masking operator from the type system due to the …
12:39 Ticket #11 (Resurrect Core.Inline) created by benl
We should at least inline simple projection functions into their use …
12:37 Ticket #10 (Rewrite Core.Lint with Core.Trans) created by benl
Most of the core in Core.Lint is boilerplate. It'd be better to …
12:33 Ticket #9 (Disallow unboxed data being present in function closures.) created by benl
The runtime system doesn't support unboxed data being present in closures. …
12:26 Ticket #8 (Add a full set of unboxed casting operators.) created by benl
We want unsafeFloat32ToInt32 etc etc. Also unsafe ones like castVoid. We …
12:15 Ticket #7 (Merge projection dictionaries from different modules.) created by benl
Projection dictionaries are open, so we should be able to give instance …
12:14 Ticket #6 (Check format of source pragmas.) created by benl
Malformed pragmas in the source code are probably being silently …
12:12 Ticket #5 (Check that top level CAFs don't have side effects.) created by benl
There is no implied order of evaluation for top level CAFS. Indeed, …
12:09 Ticket #4 (Check for unsound erasure of type lambdas in core to sea translation) created by benl
Erasing type lambdas from mutable objects is unsound due to the problem …
12:05 Ticket #3 (Check Shape witnesses in core) created by benl
We don't currently check the validity of shape witnesses. Problems should …
11:58 Ticket #2 (Check class instances against their definitions.) created by benl
We don't currently check whether a type class instance is valid wrt its …
10:06 Ticket #1 (Check for partial application of functions to unboxed args.) created by benl
Runtime system cannot handle partial application of functions to unboxed …
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