and .


11:02 Ticket #154 (Refactor TFetters to TConstrained) created by benl
TFetters contains type constraints in an unsorted list, which is death to …
10:56 Ticket #153 (Merge Core.Util.Trim with Type.Util.Trim) created by benl
These modules are very similar, no point keeping two versions.
10:55 Ticket #152 (Merge Core.Util.Pack with Type.Util.Pack) created by benl
We have two versions because Type.Exp and Core.Exp used to have different …


05:51 Ticket #151 (PANIC in Source.DefixApps ($ do)) created by erikd
Translated Ocaml version of Jensens device: …


10:07 Ticket #148 (DDC fails the man or boy test.) closed by erikd
invalid: With pass-by-reference semantics, mutable variables and recursion, we need …
08:46 Ticket #150 (PANIC in Type.Location) created by erikd
Code […]
07:06 Ticket #149 (PANIC in Type.Crush.Unify) created by erikd
This function is a variant of the solution to the Man or Boy …


07:05 Ticket #148 (DDC fails the man or boy test.) created by erikd
The test was proposed by Donald Knuth: …
06:56 Ticket #147 (Parse error on let) created by erikd
For the function: […]


00:50 Ticket #33 (Check for conflicting projection functions.) closed by erikd
fixed: Fixed in the following two patches: Sun Nov 15 11:34:15 EST 2009 …


12:35 Ticket #39 (Emit an error if modules are recursive.) closed by erikd
fixed: Fixed in the following set of patches: Fri Nov 13 23:13:28 EST 2009 …
11:52 Ticket #45 (Better error message for runtime pattern match failure) closed by benl
fixed: moved.


06:25 Ticket #71 (Better error message for unimplemented class functions) closed by erikd
fixed: Yep, its been fixed. Thu Nov 12 17:21:59 EST 2009 Erik de Castro Lopo …


07:17 Ticket #77 (crushProjClassT panics when there are type errors) closed by erikd
fixed: Fixed in these two patches: Mon Nov 9 05:37:40 EST 2009 Erik de …
07:13 Ticket #53 (Check for name shadowing in forall quantifiers.) closed by erikd
fixed: Fixed in the following two patches: Mon Nov 9 17:43:32 EST 2009 …


05:50 Ticket #146 (Report error on instance redefinition) created by erikd
This code: […]
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