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    33= Parser = 
    5 Notes on the parser go here. 
     5The parser has two main goals; to build an AST for the compiler and to give good syntax errors for the compiler user. 
     7To meet the second goal, good parser error messages, the use of Parsec.try should be avoided. Parsec.try is problematic because: 
     9 - The process of starting at the try, parsing forward, failing and then backtracking is slower than parsing with only a single token lookahead. 
     11 - Using try means that any failure will backtrack to the inner most try which is not really where the parse failed. This means that Parsec will not be able to produce good parser error messages. For instance, with the old version of the parser, parsing: 
     13      {{{ 
     14          x = [ x + 2, y | x <- [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]] 
     15      }}} 
     16   would result in the list parser getting to the '|' token, failing and backtracking to the '=' token. When all other parser combinators also fail, the parser would flag an error at the '=' token. The try-less parser on the other hand would correctly flag the error at the '|' token. 
     18Furthermore, try-less parsing should not make the parser any more difficult to modify or extend. Quite the contrary, the try-less parser is easier debug and easier to extend once the concepts of try-less parsing are understood.