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  1. A recent version of GHC.

It's been tested with at least 6.10.1 and 6.10.3
We use a few GHC specific extensions, so it's unlikely to work with other compilers.

  1. A recent version of GCC.

It's been tested with at least 4.0.1 and 4.1.2.

  1. If you want to work on the lexer you will need the Alex lexer generator
  1. The graphical demos depend on libxv but most Linux distros, and Mac OSX already have this.

Builing the compiler and runtime system

  1. Make a local copy of the build config file.
    $ cp make/ make/

  1. Edit this make/ file to set your target system.

Currently supported targets are linux-{x86,x86_64}, darwin-{x86,x86_64}
Targets that haven't been tested recently are freebsd-x86

  1. Build the compiler, runtime system and external libraries.
    $ make

Building the base libraries

  1. Build the base libraries (with optimisations enabled)
    $ bin/ddc -O -make library/Prelude.ds