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Build Flavour

Set BUILDFLAVOUR in make/ file to devel for faster builds. This turns off some GHC optimizations, and reduces the amount of rebuilding that must be done after changing one of the compiler source files.

Build Targets

allBuild everything except docs
depsRebuild dependencies (this is usually done automatically)
runtimeBuild just the runtime system
externalBuild external libraries docs
libsBuild base DDC libraries
docBuild Haddock docs
testRun the quick check and regression rests
cleanClean all .o .di .ddc.c .ddc.h .hi files from everywhere
cleanWarClean up everything produced by DDC itself: libraries, tests, demos
cleanRuntimeClean up the runtime system
bin/ddcBuild just the compiler
bin/war2Build just the test driver (for the war against bugs)
bin/plateBuild just the boilerplate generator

When hacking on DDC we usually use the the bin/ddc target to avoid trying to recompile the runtime system and external libs each time around.

$ make bin/ddc