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Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting can make a BIG difference when trying to read the core files. Set your editor to detect the sort of variable and set the color accordingly.

On Linux I use nedit http://www.nedit.org because it has regexp based syntax highlighting, and doesn't annoy me too much.

sort          prefix      suggested colour 
                          (looks ok with black background)

Plain         none        grey70
Constructors  upper case  #8080ff    (blue-ish)
Types         *           grey70
Effects       !           #ff5080    (red-ish)
Regions       %           #80ff50    (green-ish)
Closures      $           #ff8000    (orange-ish)
Witnesses     +           cyan

Keywords: (I set these to white)

foreign import module elaborate const mutable extern forall 
infixr infixl infix data effect region class instance project
let in where case of match if then else do while when unless break
throw try catch with 

Symbols and Parens (also set to white)