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Using Darcs

If you're going to be doing any real hacking on DDC its highly recommended that you use more than one Darcs branch to do it in. Darcs being a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) means that its designed to make merging between branches easy.

First of all you want a pristine version of ddc-head which you can get using:

mkdir $HOME/ddc/
cd $HOME/ddc/
darcs get

Then for each bug or feature you're working on you probably want a branch which should branch off your local ddc-head branch using:

cd $HOME/ddc
darcs get ddc-head bug-XXXX

You can then work on bug-XXXX independently from other bugs, while still keeping your ddc-head branch up-to-date with regular

`darcs pull -a`


Finally, when you come up with a fix for the bug, you can do a

darcs push -a

in your bug-XXXX branch which pushes it to your local ddc-head branch where you can review it before doing either a

darcs send

command to send a patch to the mailing list or a

darcs push -a

if you have commit access to the upstream repo.