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Cygwin/x86 is partially supported. It's been tested under Windows XP, but no Vista or 7 as of yet.

What works

  • The compiler builds fine.
  • You can compile programs.
  • The graphical demos run fine under Cygwin's X server.

What doesn't

  • The war test driver assumes Posix style file paths, and dies on startup.
  • A new test driver war3 is in production that uses portable file path handling. Use make bin/war3 to build it and bin/war3 test to run the tests. This war3 is currently only single threaded, so you don't get parallel test runs.
  • The buildbot thoth has similar file path problems. This means we only run regression tests manually on Cygwin, so it might break in the future. If it breaks then please mention it on