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    1212 * After doing this we should be able to use the TConstrain form of type expressions in the core language, ditch the TFetters version, then finish work on the new interface file format. 
    14 ==== Erik de Castro Lopo (m3ga) -- updated 25th May 2010  ==== 
    15  * Above all, I'm doing bug fixing. However there are still large chunks of the compiler I don't understand. These bits need Ben's attention. 
    16  * The top of my list are bugs (in numeric order) [ #7] (waiting on #168), [ #102] and anything marked with a [ milestone of 0.1.3]. These bugs are all deeper than the ones I've worked on previously and I'm not sure if I can make progress on these or not. 
    17  * Working on finding examples of of code (currently concentrating on list comprehensions) which compiles with GHC but fails with DDC. We'd like to make DDC as Haskell compatible as possible. 
    18  * Working on making the library more usable. 
    19  * Looking into doing an LLVM backend. 
     14==== Erik de Castro Lopo (m3ga) -- updated 24th Jun 2010  ==== 
     15 * I'm pretty much stalled on all the current bugs and waiting for Ben to finish the refactoring at which time I'll have another crack at them. 
     16 * Started work on an LLVM backend. The idea is to have a -via-llvm command line option which would then generate object files using LLVM. The LLVM generated object files will be compatible with the object files generated using the C backend for easier debugging. Another goal for the backend is to make it easier to bootstrap the compiler (compile DDC with DDC) and to port the compiler to new platforms and architectures. 
     17 * Improvements to DDC's library. 
    2119== [wiki:Language] ==