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add link to slides from my Hac phi 2 talk (diff)


02:20 Ticket #14 (Circular paths) closed by fryguybob@…
fixed: A basic implementation has been added as Diagrams.TwoD.Arc.


16:50 Ticket #15 (Fix Ellipse module) closed by anonymous


04:30 Ticket #9 (transformable attributes) closed by byorgey
fixed: The basics of this are now implemented, although some minor things still …


15:36 Ticket #11 (Split up G.R.D.Basics into multiple modules) closed by byorgey
wontfix: Turns out this is essentially impossible due to various circular …
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a bit more info about how to help (diff)
02:04 Ticket #15 (Fix Ellipse module) created by byorgey
The change back to a linear map + translation representation of affine …


23:57 Ticket #14 (Circular paths) created by byorgey
Add a function to create circular/arc paths, actually using an …
23:55 Ticket #13 (More combinators in D.Combinators) created by byorgey
Fill out the Combinators module with lots of combinators for putting …
23:42 Ticket #12 (More shapes in D.TwoD.Shapes) created by byorgey
Need a collection of standard shapes. Try to use the existing path …
23:30 Ticket #6 (implement auto scaling and translating to fit into final rendering region) closed by byorgey
19:51 Ticket #11 (Split up G.R.D.Basics into multiple modules) created by byorgey
The current Basics module has gotten rather out of hand. It ought to be …
19:50 Ticket #10 (Haddock documentation) created by byorgey
Need to add Haddock documentation to a bunch of the core and standard …


17:58 Ticket #7 (Translate causes incorrect bounds.) closed by byorgey
fixed: This now works properly. The problem was that bounding regions were being …


15:22 Ticket #2 (Try doing bounds transformations with inverse transpose) closed by byorgey
fixed: This is now pushed. I seem to have introduced other bugs in the process, …


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link to graphics algorithm FAQ (diff)


21:52 Ticket #9 (transformable attributes) created by byorgey
See …
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