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The goal of the diagrams project is to develop a pure, declarative, embedded domain-specific library in Haskell for describing illustrations, drawings, animations, and other sorts of graphics.

You can find a previous version of the diagrams library on Hackage. Currently, the library is being rewritten from scratch with a much more elegant semantic foundation and with much more flexibility. The project is still in its infancy but contributors are welcome!

How to get involved

Join the IRC channel (#diagrams on and the mailing list.

To get the current sources:

  • darcs get (small, foundational core)
  • darcs get (standard library built on top of the core)
  • darcs get (cairo-based rendering backend)

There are other backends under development as well. The current plan is to officially support the cairo backend (i.e. changes to the core and lib packages will always be accompanied by corresponding updates to the cairo package); official support for other backends may be added in the future.

How to help

Click the "View Tickets" tab to see a list of open tickets.

Other stuff

For now there's just a list of some design documents:

For help with using the wiki, see TracHelp.