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Type errors in ExtraFin

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Priority: major Version: 3.0
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$ gfc '-s' '-src' '-preproc=./mkPresent' 'finnish/AllFin.gf' '+RTS' '-K100M' '-RTS'
checking module ExtraFin
Happened in linearization of AdvExistNP in ExtraFin.gf, lines 28-31 :
cannot find value for label qp

Happened in linearization of ConjVPI in ExtraFin.gf, line 24 :
missing record fields s type of % Coordination. conjunctSS : expected: { n:{ ParamX. Number}; s1: Str; s2: Str} -> { s1: Str; s2: Str} -> { s: Str}
inferred: { s: Str} -> { s1: Str; s2: Str} -> { s: Str}

Happened in linearization of MkVPI in ExtraFin.gf, line 23 :
 type of % ResFin. infVP({ ResFin. NPCase}{ ResFin. Nom}){ ParamX. Pos}(% ResFin. agrP3{ ParamX. Sg}) vp : expected: Str
inferred: { ResFin. InfForm} -> Str

Happened in linearization of PartCN in ExtraFin.gf, lines 59-71 :
 type of % NounFin. DetArtSg% NounFin. IndefArt : expected: { isDef:{ Prelude. Bool}; isNum:{ Prelude. Bool}; isPoss:{ Prelude. Bool}; n:{ ParamX. Number}; s1:{ ResFin. Case}=> Str; s2: Str}
inferred: { s:{ ResFin. NForm}=> Str} -> NP

Happened in linearization of RelExistNP in ExtraFin.gf, lines 32-45 :
cannot find value for label qp

Happened in linearization of vai_Conj in ExtraFin.gf, lines 72-74 :
cannot find value for label s1

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Type errors in ExtraFin? corrected, so that the grammar now compiles.

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