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#15 Window doesn't refresh under Gnome. new defect blocker Rendering
#1 Add textured polygon code from ANUPlot new enhancement normal Rendering
#2 Fix popping of thick circles when zooming lifespan example new defect normal Rendering
#3 Add render option commands from ANUPlot new enhancement low -- User Interface
#4 Add commands to run/stop and single step simulation mode. new enhancement normal User Interface
#5 Windows don't reshape properly under XMonad new defect high User Interface
#6 Use the circle prim directly in the Clock example new enhancement normal Examples
#7 Support fullscreen mode new enhancement low -- User Interface
#8 Add FPS counter / HUD display new enhancement low -- User Interface
#10 add antialiasing new enhancement low Rendering
#11 Do something about non-convex polygons new defect normal Rendering
#13 Text does not appear in the expected place new defect normal Rendering
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