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Development guidelines

darcs guidelines

Metadata of darcs patches isn’t versioned. Therefore, please try to make it nice. Wolfgang Jeltsch, the prinicipal Grapefruit developer, has some specific opinions about what is nice in this context. He would love to see you adhering to them. So please be so kind and follow these rules:

Let patch names be names:

Please avoid patch names like “fix documentation” or “fixed documentation”. A darcs patch is a change and its name should describe that change. So you should say something like “fixing of documentation” or “documentation fix” instead. Always think about what the change is. It’s the fixing of documentation or a documentation fix, for example.

Use non-ASCII:

In patch names and long comments, please avoid ASCII characters that have multiple meanings. Instead use the correct non-ASCII character. Write “as is” instead of "as is", I’m instead of I'm, buttons, labels, … instead of buttons, labels, ....

Use UTF-8:

Alas, darcs patch names and long comments are byte sequences, not character sequences. Depending on your locale, the same patch name or long comment might result in different text. So we must choose a common character encoding for patch names and long comments. This is UTF-8.