Milestone 0.9.11

Completed 10 years ago (02/28/07)


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Pango bindings

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general (Gtk+, Glib)

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We intend to get as much of our API changes as possible into this release and then try to keep the API stable for the 1.0 release and for some time after.

In particular this release will have the new tree/view API. We think this is a considerable improvement over the original version.

We're also making a stylistic change to the signals API (though we will preserve backwards compatabilty for this change). So instead of: onClicked button $ do ... It will be: on button clicked $ do ... For one thing this halves the number of signal functions per module (no need for onClicked & afterClicked) which should help simplify the documentation. It also should make it easier to block signals.

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