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#1158 Widgets should implement Eq and Ord. axel enhancement trivial 0.9.12 fixed
#1160 gtk2hs builds but does not install under Windows pgavin defect normal fixed
#1113 install gtk2hs- on flash drive w/ ghc-6.8.2? pgavin enhancement normal 0.9.12 invalid
#1124 New SpinButton range changing the value axel defect minor 0.9.12 invalid
#1157 afterSizeAllocate throws schedule: re-entered unsafely bug axel defect normal 0.9.13 invalid
#1174 Document Double-Click events in EventM somebody defect normal 0.10.1 invalid
#1151 cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-mt" pgavin defect normal wontfix
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