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#2 invalid GDK_TYPE_PIXBUF missing from the list of TMtypes axel vincenz

Reported by vincenz, 11 years ago.


For IconView? and co there is a need for a TreeClassModel?, for instance ListStore? and TreeStore?. When creating one of these it is important to choose what the columntypes are these are the TM*. However there seems to be a missing one: GDK_TYPE_PIXBUF. This is crucial as iconViewSetPixbufColumn depends on the column being of that type. And obviously then there will be a need for a new type GVpixbuf in addition TMpixbuf

#802 fixed Fix drawWindowGetPointer axel A.Simon@…

Reported by A.Simon@…, 11 years ago.


The function drawWindowGetPointer should never return Nothing, but maybe another flag that says if the window over which the mouse cursor resides is "known to Gtk". I interpreted that as the mouse cursor being over the Gtk application window and thus, returned Nothing in case it was outside. However, even if the mouse cursor is over the application window, this function returns NULL in some cases (i.e. "not known to Gtk").

#1093 fixed Compiling with pango-1.15.0 fails axel duncan

Reported by duncan, 11 years ago.


I pango 1.15.0 in the file /usr/include/pango-1.0/pango/pango-item.h there is this declaration:

  PangoEngineShape *shape_engine;
  PangoEngineLang  *lang_engine;
  PangoFont *font;

  guint level : 8;
  guint gravity : 3; /* PangoGravity */
  guint centered_baseline : 1; /* gboolean */

  PangoLanguage *language;
  GSList *extra_attrs;

struct _PangoItem
  gint offset;
  gint length;
  gint num_chars;
  PangoAnalysis analysis;

This makes our binding fail:

pangoItemRawGetLevel :: Ptr pangoItem -> IO Bool
pangoItemRawGetLevel ptr = do
  level <- #{peek PangoItem, analysis.level} ptr
  return (toBool (level :: #{type guint8}))

With the error message:

Structs.hsc: In function 'main':
Structs.hsc:766: error: attempt to take address of bit-field structure member 'level'

In the older pango version it was declared as a guint8 rather than as a bitfield. We might need a bit of C code to get that member and return it. Or can we do away with that function entirely? Is it needed?

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