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#1102 fixed Missing dependency on containers package axel guest

Reported by guest, 10 years ago.


Building programs leads to a link error due to missing dependency on the containers package.

Gtk2hs version is that comes with fedora8

GHC version: 6.8.1

Symptom: loading a Gtk2Hs file on the command line (without specifying a package) leads to:

Loading package base ... linking ... done. [1 of 1] Compiling Main ( main.hs, interpreted )

Ok, modules loaded: Main.

*Main> main

Loading package mtl- ... linking ... done. Loading package glib- ... linking ... done. Loading package cairo- ... linking ... done. Loading package gtk- ... linking ... <interactive>: /usr/lib/ghc/6.8.1/gtk2hs/HSgtk.o: unknown symbol 'containerszm0zi1zi0zi0_DataziSequence_zgzl_info' ghc-6.8.1: unable to load package 'gtk-'

It works if you add -package containers to the command line.

What happens is that ./configure sets @GTK_SPLITBASE_DEPENDS@ for ghc >=6.8 such that 'containers-VERSION' is in this variable. On the target system containers. is present, which should probably read containers- Yet, this library does not find its way into the dependency field of gtk2hs' package description: on the target system:

ghc-pkg field gtk- depends depends: base- mtl- glib- cairo-

I guess we should check if containers and its version detected correctly during ./configure.

#1105 fixed please complete the entry completion implementation axel guest

Reported by guest, 10 years ago.


I'm having a lot of trouble getting entry completion working, as my little program in shows. Could you please update the "entry completion" section of the tutorial found at ? It would help me a lot! thanks --Jacques

#1109 worksforme toggleActionIsActive in ToggleActionEntry not changed when user checks or unchecks menu item axel guest

Reported by guest, 10 years ago.


Using the package ghc682-gtk2hs - for Fedora 8, the field


is not changed when the user checks or unchecks a menu item.

data ToggleActionEntry = ToggleActionEntry {
toggleActionName :: String
toggleActionLabel :: String
toggleActionStockId :: (Maybe String)
toggleActionAccelerator :: (Maybe String)
toggleActionTooltip :: (Maybe String)
toggleActionCallback :: (IO ())
toggleActionIsActive :: Bool

There is a workaround, because the toggleActionCallback function does work when the user checks or unchecks an item. This can be used to set or unset an IORef. Example:

myTog :: IORef Bool -> IO ()
myTog chk = do old <- readIORef chk
               writeIORef chk (not old)


duptogg = ToggleActionEntry "DupCheck" "Check Data" (Just stockConvert) Nothing 
                             (Just "Check facts for duplicates") (myTog dupcheck) True
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