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#41 fixed Add predicates for types of widgets. somebody A.Simon@…

Reported by A.Simon@…, 11 years ago.


It would be useful to have predicates for each widget type that can test an object if it is of that type. At the moment we need to use the castTo* functions and catch the error message that is returned if the cast failed.

#45 fixed Make the Win32 build work with GHCi duncan duncan

Reported by duncan, 11 years ago.


Now that GHC 6.4.2 is out with support for different libs for use with GHCi vs GHC we ought to be able to support GHC and GHCi simultaniously with one set of package files.

#802 fixed Fix drawWindowGetPointer axel A.Simon@…

Reported by A.Simon@…, 10 years ago.


The function drawWindowGetPointer should never return Nothing, but maybe another flag that says if the window over which the mouse cursor resides is "known to Gtk". I interpreted that as the mouse cursor being over the Gtk application window and thus, returned Nothing in case it was outside. However, even if the mouse cursor is over the application window, this function returns NULL in some cases (i.e. "not known to Gtk").

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