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#1132 fixed 0.9.13 fails to build on PPC/Linux/ghc6.8.3 somebody guest

Reported by guest, 9 years ago.


Here's a build log:

Scroll down to near the end and you'll see this:

/usr/bin/ghc-6.8.3 +RTS -RTS -c tools/c2hs/toplevel/C2HSConfig.hs -o tools/c2hs/toplevel/C2HSConfig.o -O -fffi -fvia-C '-#include<c2hs_config.h>' -itools/c2hs/base/admin:tools/c2hs/base/errors:tools/c2hs/base/general:tools/c2hs/base/state:tools/c2hs/base/syms:tools/c2hs/base/syntax:tools/c2hs/c:tools/c2hs/chs:tools/c2hs/gen:tools/c2hs/state:tools/c2hs/toplevel -package-conf package.conf.inplace -hide-all-packages -package base -package haskell98 -package pretty -package containers -package array
rologue junk?: 	.type	s1d1_ret, @function
 # 106 "/tmp/ghc24442_0/ghc24442_0.hc" 1
make[2]: *** [tools/c2hs/toplevel/C2HSConfig.o] Error 255

This looks like bad compiler output, as opposed to a problem with gtk2hs itself, but I wanted another pair or three of eyeballs to be sure.

The build system I'm using is Fedora's batch system, so it's nearly impossible for me to give a more useful reproduction :-(

#1254 fixed API links on documentation page old somebody guest

Reported by guest, 6 years ago.


The API links on the documentation page are for version 0.11.

It would probably be better if they pointed to the hackage auto-generated docs: ...

#1108 fixed Add Eq instances for all of Graphics.UI.Gtk.Gdk.Enums somebody guest

Reported by guest, 10 years ago.


None of the enumerations in Gdk.Enums are instances of Eq, which makes it cumbersome to check for certain events. For example, I wanted to keep track of the fullscreen state of a window with the following code:

ref <- newIORef False
onWindowState win $ \WindowState { eventWindowState = state } -> do
    writeIORef ref (WindowStateFullscreen `elem` state)
    return True

However, writing the code this way requires an Eq instance; workarounds require either manually defining one or using pattern matching, which is cumbersome because state is a list of WindowState values.

It would be trivial to add deriving (Eq) to these enumerations (and also Read/Show, for debugging purposes).

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