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#1118 fixed Add gdk_get_default_root_window axel guest

Reported by guest, 9 years ago.


I'm wondering if the gdk_get_default_root_window function can be added. I've asked for this before elsewhere, but I thought I'd add it here because then it will easier for me to keep track of its status.

#41 fixed Add predicates for types of widgets. somebody A.Simon@…

Reported by A.Simon@…, 11 years ago.


It would be useful to have predicates for each widget type that can test an object if it is of that type. At the moment we need to use the castTo* functions and catch the error message that is returned if the cast failed.

#1106 fixed Add windowForeignNew somebody guest

Reported by guest, 10 years ago.


GDK has a function window_foreign_new that creates a gdk window object for any existing X window. It is available in the C and python bindings; I would like to use this function in gtk2hs.

(I am trying to write a screensaver using Cairo and gtk2hs; It seems that you need to draw on the root window or any arbitrary window in order to work.)

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