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#1158 fixed Widgets should implement Eq and Ord. axel guest

Reported by guest, 9 years ago.


When using GTK+ from a typical imperative language such as C++, it's

occasionally useful to use the object identity of a widget: for instance, you might want to create a set of "main" windows and terminate the program only when all of them close. Since widgets are represented by pointers, this is straightforward, and they can be stored in any standard container class (such as std::set).

Unfortunately, the Haskell binding doesn't expose this information.

It would be nice if GTK+ objects had instances of Ord and Eq based on pointer identity. Then they could, e.g., be stored in Data.Set.Set objects.

(I know this can be worked around; it's just something that would

save a little trouble)


Reported on Debian BTS:

#1159 wontfix Aditional data in EventM axel guest

Reported by guest, 9 years ago.


There's an 'eventCoordinates' available inside an EventM that returns a point as (Double,Double). Using points as (Double,Double) is also a convention in Cairo. When answering to expose events, as well as mouse events, we usually have to ask 'widgetGetSize', which returns (Int,Int), and the conversion to (Double,Double) usually make nice code look dirty. What if we had an 'eventWindowSize' with a (Double,Double) return?

#1172 fixed Some demos do not close properly on "Close" axel guest

Reported by guest, 8 years ago.


When I press the "Close" button in the opengl gtk2hs demo, the window stays up, and control returns to ghci. I fixed my own copy by changing

  Gtk.onClicked button Gtk.mainQuit


  Gtk.onClicked button (Gtk.widgetDestroy window)

At least one other demo (carsim) has the same bug. I haven't checked them all.

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