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#1267 invalid glade will not install dmwit guest

Reported by guest, 5 years ago.


When installing package glade the installation aborts saying 'Cannot find gtk2hsC2hs Please install gtk2hs-buildtools first and check that the install directory is in your PATH (e.g. HOME/.cabal/bin).' It is installed and recognized by the system $PATH

#1284 fixed UTF-8 marshaling fails on characters outside of the basic multilingual plane dmwit guest

Reported by guest, 4 years ago.


It appears that characters that require more than three bytes to encode in UTF-8 are not supported.

I'm trying to use pango to render music notation (symbols from block 1d100-1d1ff in plane 1). They are incorrectly converted to some other plane 0 character. Also, attempting to read back the text from a layout that was created using an improperly converted string results in an error in fromUTF.

#1 fixed Update the cairo bindings to add the PS and PDF backends and the new 1.2 APIs duncan paolo@…

Reported by paolo@…, 11 years ago.


The current cairo code supports PS and PDF backends, although having some experimental API issues about the SVG one.

API resync of the Haskell binding is in order too.

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