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#1112 closed None blocker somebody 03/24/08 "Xlib: unexpected async reply" with threaded RTS and --sync command line parameter
#1097 closed None normal somebody 11/25/07 'on' isn't exported by default when importing Gtk2Hs
#1154 closed None normal pgavin 02/12/09 --disable-deprecated breaks installation
#1132 closed None normal somebody 07/14/08 0.9.13 fails to build on PPC/Linux/ghc6.8.3
#1254 closed None normal somebody 02/11/12 API links on documentation page old
#1108 closed None normal somebody 02/21/08 Add Eq instances for all of Graphics.UI.Gtk.Gdk.Enums
#1118 closed None normal axel 04/21/08 Add gdk_get_default_root_window
#41 closed None normal somebody 07/24/06 Add predicates for types of widgets.
#1106 closed None normal somebody 02/05/08 Add windowForeignNew
#1159 closed None minor axel 03/22/09 Aditional data in EventM
#1123 closed None minor somebody 05/28/08 Broken links for images in Haddock
#1100 closed None normal somebody 12/10/07 Build fails with gtk2-2.4.14 - patch included
#1104 closed None normal somebody 01/31/08 CULong -> CUInt needed in Gstreamer chs modules to build on 32-bit system.
#1280 closed None normal paolo 02/01/13 Cairo computes bounds wrong in imageSurfaceGetPixels
#1270 closed None normal paolo 08/03/12 Cairo register wrong library in extra-ghci-libraries on Windows
#1138 closed None normal somebody 08/16/08 ComboBox doesn't render appended elements
#1255 closed None normal paolo 02/16/12 Compiling cairo with GHC 7.4.1 (on ArchLinux)
#1256 closed None normal somebody 02/16/12 Compiling glib with GHC 7.4.1 (on ArchLinux)
#1093 closed None normal axel 11/21/06 Compiling with pango-1.15.0 fails
#1265 closed None normal somebody 05/09/12 Constructors of CellRendererMode not exported
#1134 closed None normal duncan 07/24/08 Could not find module `Graphics.UI.Gtk.SourceView'
#1271 closed None normal somebody 09/11/12 Demo Drawing.hs aborts on MAC OS X 10.7.4
#1174 closed None normal somebody 08/03/09 Document Double-Click events in EventM
#1147 closed None normal somebody 11/09/08 Documentation not available in website
#1094 closed None normal duncan 03/05/07 Enumeration documentation needs updating
#1247 closed None normal paolo 01/04/12 Eq context missing in Graphics/Rendering/Cairo/Types.chs in cairo 0.12.2
#1155 closed None normal somebody 02/27/09 Error building from source on Windows
#1248 closed None normal duncan 01/05/12 Fails to install because of missing dependencies
#802 closed None normal axel 09/28/06 Fix drawWindowGetPointer
#2 closed None minor axel 05/11/06 GDK_TYPE_PIXBUF missing from the list of TMtypes
#1142 closed None normal duncan 09/28/08 GHC_PKG_CHECK fails when multiple versions of the package are installed
#1139 closed None normal somebody 08/20/08 GHCi linking error.
#1192 closed None minor somebody 06/05/10 GLib-CRITICAL **: g_timeout_add_full: assertion `function != NULL' failed
#1245 closed None normal somebody 12/20/11 GTK fails to build
#1152 closed None normal somebody 01/28/09 Graphics.UI.Gtk.Gdk.Events not exported by Graphics.UI.Gtk
#1171 closed None normal somebody 06/24/09 Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView.TreeStore.insertForest not exported
#1114 closed None normal somebody 04/13/08 Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView.entryCompletionSetMatchFunc results in cellLayoutSetAttributeFunc error
#1115 closed None normal somebody 04/13/08 Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView.entryCompletionSetTextModel broken (patch included)
#1253 closed None normal somebody 02/05/12 Gtk cannot be built with >=glib 2.31
#1277 closed None normal somebody 12/04/12 Gtk2HsSetup.hs causes build failure in at least cairo and glib
#1273 closed None blocker somebody 09/16/12 GtkFileChooserButton broken
#1166 closed None normal somebody 05/14/09 Hyperlink of TreeModelClass links to deprecated *.TreeList.* modules
#1266 closed None normal somebody 05/09/12 IconView has an overlapping instance of CellLayoutClass
#1262 closed None normal somebody 03/24/12 Including individual glib headers no longer supported
#1274 closed None minor somebody 09/28/12 Inconsistency in syntax/naming: buttonActivated vs entryActivate
#1268 closed None minor somebody 06/15/12 Link to "Browse code" on development page broken.
#1146 closed None normal duncan 10/14/08 Linking split-objs fails with "xargs: /mingw/bin/ar: Bad file number"
#1110 closed None normal somebody 02/27/08 MacPorts installation error
#45 closed None normal duncan 07/31/06 Make the Win32 build work with GHCi
#1169 closed None normal duncan 06/01/09 Makefile.am contains non-standard shell idioms, breaking source install on at least FreeBSD
#1102 closed None normal axel 01/28/08 Missing dependency on containers package
#1170 closed None normal somebody 06/09/09 Missing example in gtkglext documentation
#1260 closed None blocker duncan 03/12/12 Missing gtksourceview2.h path
#1178 closed None normal somebody 12/09/09 Missing libgthread-2.0-0.dll on install
#1145 closed None normal somebody 10/14/08 NativeWindowId does not compile: "cannot convert to a pointer type"
#1124 closed None minor axel 06/15/08 New SpinButton range changing the value
#1263 closed None normal somebody 04/09/12 No menuItemSetLabel or menuItemGetLabel methods.
#1133 closed None normal duncan 07/14/08 No version for 0.9.13 in trac
#1215 closed None normal somebody 04/17/11 No way of getting details from EAny
#1184 closed None trivial paolo 03/04/10 Non exhaustive pattern in Show instance for Weight attribute in Pango
#1103 closed None normal somebody 01/31/08 Not in scope: type constructor or class `CUInt'
#1231 closed None blocker duncan 08/12/11 PATCH: get gtk2hs working with 7.2.1
#1127 closed None normal axel 06/20/08 PixbufData instance for MArray missing a method
#1107 closed None normal somebody 02/21/08 Please implement
#1243 closed None normal somebody 12/15/11 Program crash on popupShownNotify
#1111 closed None normal somebody 02/29/08 RadioActionEntry not initialized correctly
#1163 closed None normal somebody 04/12/09 Return type of treeModelSortGetModel
#1258 closed None blocker somebody 03/05/12 SIGSEGV on Arch linux with GHC 7.4.1
#1183 closed None normal axel 02/20/10 Segfault in ghci 6.12.1
#1232 closed None normal somebody 08/12/11 Segmentation fault using System.GIO.File.File.File
#1222 closed None normal axel 06/13/11 Setting Foreground / Background color via Attributes on pango layout does not work
#1172 closed None normal axel 07/10/09 Some demos do not close properly on "Close"
#1252 closed None normal duncan 01/31/12 Source View: sourceViewLineMarkActivated and sourceGutterCellActivated signals wrong
#1153 closed None normal duncan 02/01/09 SourceView not recognised
#1128 closed None blocker duncan 06/25/08 Support cabal install
#801 closed None normal somebody 09/28/06 Swap the arguments to add timeoutAdd
#1164 closed None normal pgavin 04/14/09 System.Gnome.GConf.gconfSet appears to reverse list
#1130 closed None normal somebody 07/07/08 Text of treeview is not shown
#1269 closed None normal somebody 06/17/12 TreeModelFilter.chs is missing TypedTreeModelFilter under Types
#1284 closed None normal dmwit 02/20/13 UTF-8 marshaling fails on characters outside of the basic multilingual plane
#1 closed None minor duncan 05/05/06 Update the cairo bindings to add the PS and PDF backends and the new 1.2 APIs
#1158 closed None trivial axel 03/20/09 Widgets should implement Eq and Ord.
#1121 closed None blocker duncan 05/21/08 Windows installer and GHC 6.8.2
#1281 closed None normal paolo 02/01/13 Wrong bounds computation in imageSurfaceGetPixels
#1157 closed None normal axel 03/20/09 afterSizeAllocate throws schedule: re-entered unsafely bug
#1175 closed None blocker somebody 09/28/09 broken on Mac OS X
#1099 closed None normal duncan 12/02/07 build errors on Glib.UTFString
#1239 closed None normal somebody 10/17/11 build errors with gtk 2.14
#1242 closed None normal somebody 11/19/11 build failure in gio-0.12.2 (GHC 7.3)
#1234 closed None blocker somebody 08/25/11 build failure in glib-0.12.0 using ghc 7.2.1
#1244 closed None normal somebody 12/18/11 build fix for ghc-7.4
#1122 closed None minor somebody 05/28/08 buttonNewFromStock should have StockId as a parameter
#1246 closed None blocker paolo 12/21/11 cabal install cairo doesnt work
#1190 closed None normal somebody 05/26/10 cabalized gtk fails to install on Windows
#1230 closed None normal paolo 08/11/11 cairo build fails with GHC 7.2.1
#1228 closed None normal paolo 07/20/11 cairo performance is very bad
#1238 closed None normal axel 09/22/11 cairoCreateContext
#1117 closed None normal duncan 04/18/08 can't install with ghc in C:\Program Files\ghc\ghc-6.8.1 on Vista
#1257 closed None normal somebody 02/26/12 cannot build glib-0.12.2 with ghc-7.4.1
#1151 closed None normal pgavin 01/20/09 cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-mt"
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