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GHC_PKG_CHECK fails when multiple versions of the package are installed

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Component: build system Version: 0.9.13
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The GHC_PKG_CHECK macro doesn't work properly when multiple versions of the same package are installed. I'm guessing it's a problem where it assumes GNU sed but BSD sed doesn't work (OS X uses BSD sed).

The actual error is this expression sed -e 's/,/\n/g' -e 's/[[(), ]]//g' (the first -e expression). The token \n in a replacement string is not interpreted as a newline by BSD sed. You have to embed a real backslash-escaped newline. The second -e expression also doesn't work right, since [[(), ]] isn't a valid POSIX regex. This whole expression should probably be replaced with tr ',' '\n' | tr -d '(), '

There's another sed expression further on in the same line sed -e 's/[[A-Za-z-]]*//' which also has the same problem with [[A-Za-z-]] not being a valid POSIX regex. The problem here is that the expressions seem to treat [[bar]] as a character class for bar, but that should just be [bar]. [[bar]] is invalid because it treats [[bar] as the character class (containing [, b, a, and r) followed by a trailing ]. This expression could also be replaced by {{tr}}, or it could just be fixed to read [A-Za-z-]

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This also fails on Windows, using MSYS.

checking for the GHC package "mtl"... yes, version

Which means it's not just about GNU vs BSD sed, it could even be expecting a specific version of GNU sed (or it could just be untested):

$ sed --version
GNU sed version 3.02

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I believe this has been fixed.

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