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segmentation fault when running webViewLoadUri in a multi-threaded program

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I've encountered a segmentation fault when running a multi-threaded gtk2hs+webkit application.

The program is quite simple:

-- main.hs
import Graphics.UI.Gtk
import Graphics.UI.Gtk.WebKit.WebView
import Control.Monad (forM_)

main :: IO ()
main = do
    w <- windowNew
    v <- webViewNew
    let load = webViewLoadUri v
    buttons <- hButtonBoxNew
    forM_ [ ("Google", "http://www.google.com/")
          , ("Twitter", "https://twitter.com")
          ] $ \(name, url) -> do
              btn <- buttonNewWithLabel name
              boxPackStart buttons btn PackNatural 2
              _ <- on btn buttonActivated $ load url
              return ()
    box <- vBoxNew False 1
    boxPackStart box buttons PackNatural 0
    boxPackStart box v PackGrow 0
    w `set`
        [ containerChild := box
    w `onDestroy` mainQuit
    widgetShowAll w

Compile this program with ghc --make -threaded main.hs, run the executable, and click a button. The program exits with segmentation fault.

This error doesn't happen when compiled without -threaded option.

I've compiled on Arch Linux with ghc 7.6.3, gtk 0.12.5, and webkit The native gtk package versions provided by Arch Linux are gtk2 2.24.22 and webkitgtk2 1.10.2.

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